Prof. Sir Muir Gray, Better healthcare public health

Apr 11, 2012

Prof. Sir Muir Gray, Better healthcare public health

Professor Sir Muir Gray co-director of QIPP Right Care speaks about a new initiative set to harness thinking about the function of healthcare public health within the proposed new operating model.

Following interviews with leads who are developing innovative models around the country, a national conference will be held later this year to explore challenges that include:

  • What will healthcare look like in 2020/2030?
  • What population healthcare skills are required for resource allocation and use to maximise value?
  • How well does the knowledge skill and performance of the average Public Health Department match up to this set of skills?
  • What needs to be done to close the gap?
  • Are there ways in which Public Health departments can share resources specialise and configure themselves in groups to mitigate their weaknesses and realise their potential?

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