About Us

Solutions for Public Health (SPH) is an NHS public health consultancy.

SPH is a multidisciplinary team of public health, clinical, research and analytical experts.  We are a team within the healthcare consulting arm of NHS Arden & GEM and work with decision makers across the public, voluntary and community sectors to improve health and reduce health inequalities.

Our work is centred on evidence, health intelligence and evaluation which we use to understand and promote better health and better value health care.  We do this by:

  • identifying, analysing and understanding the health and social care needs of clients’ populations
  • reviewing, appraising and interpreting the most up-to-date evidence
  • evaluating the quality, productivity, impact and outcomes of services and programmes of care
  • consulting with stakeholders, including patients and carers
  • enabling clients to develop evidence-based commissioning policies and procedures
  • producing regular reviews of clinical guidance
  • providing bespoke specialist public health and commissioning support

Our clients include NHS England, integrated care systems and boards, local authorities, commissioning support units, service providers, the Department of Health and Social Care, voluntary & community organisations.

We deliver our services through our team of experts, including our network of associates and partners, enabling SPH to support projects that range in scale, complexity and duration.