Population Health Needs Assessment

Qualitative and quantitative methods to understand the health needs of your population

We use evidence to identify the needs of a population and help determine what services they require. We work in collaboration with local services and service users to provide high quality evidence to better understand current and future needs.
Here is an example of a JSNA we worked on recently with a local authority: JSNA topic report: children and young people

Our process

We work with you to design a needs assessment that meets your requirements by, for example:

  • Describing the local context and identifying local services
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the organisations who commission and deliver local services
  • Engaging with local stakeholders and service users to understand their needs and experience of care
  • Incorporating health intelligence data with benchmarking against peer group areas
  • Synthesis and analysis of relevant local and national datasets
  • Reviewing published evidence to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective interventions and solutions
  • Highlighting gaps in service provision
  • Producing recommendations and an action plan for implementation

Why choose SPH?

We have considerable experience and expertise in carrying out needs assessments for a range of customers and focussing on different populations. These include:

  • Joint Strategic Needs Assessments for local authorities
  • Substance misuse
  • Sexual health
  • Palliative care
  • Mental Health

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