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Service Pathway Review

Benchmarking your service against best practice to improve your pathways

We work with commissioners to review healthcare interventions and clinical pathways to understand what works well and where improvements could be made so that services work better for patients.

What we do

  • We review capacity including workforce, equipment and clinic slots in order to identify pinch points where changes would be beneficial
  • We identify and recommend models of service delivery and best practice and map existing provision against this
  • We synthesise evidence from research, data and clinical opinion to inform the re-design process so that pathways can be more efficient
  • We identify what works in other areas and facilitate discussion through engagement events to identify what would work for both the provider and commissioner to improve service quality
  • We make evidence based recommendations as to how to improve pathways for the benefit of patients

Why choose SPH?

We offer a combination of expertise in both the theory and practical application of change management and service redesign, embedded in a thorough understanding of the NHS. This is strengthened by strong clinical knowledge and experience. Please get in touch via our contact page.

Case Studies

Providing evidence to support the reconfiguration of acute hospital services

SPH provided public health support to a programme established to reconfigure acute hospital services. SPH analysed comparative population health outcomes to inform the case for change that was presented to CCGs, and completed a comprehensive review of the literature on the relationship between volume and outcome to identify where there was robust evidence to support the case for service reconfiguration. SPH also provided data and evidence to some of the Clinical Reference Groups that were established to consider future options for specific clinical services, and sourced and analysed detailed travel time information to inform decisions about service delivery options.