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Stakeholder Engagement

Helping you work with and obtain the views of your stakeholders

What we do

We work with you to understand who your stakeholders are and their roles in relation to your project. Stakeholders may include those commissioning or leading services, managers, frontline staff, practitioners and representatives of patients or services users and their families or carers.
We tailor our approach for each project, recognising the strengths and challenges of stakeholder input, the need to reflect this sensitively and for individuals to feel that their contribution is valued. This is underpinned by strict adherence to GDPR requirements.

We have extensive experience of effective stakeholder engagement using a range of methods. For example, a recent project included:

  • In-depth interviews with service commissioners and leads
  • Online surveys of wider stakeholders – frontline staff and practitioners in health services, local authority and the voluntary and community sector
  • An online survey and focus group with service users and families
  • A workshop with key stakeholders

Why choose SPH?

We ensure we are asking the right questions in the right way, of the right people, developing our approach in collaboration with you, whilst bringing an independent perspective.

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