Our people

We have a great team with strong skills and plenty of enthusiasm. We work closely with our large pool of associates and partners to deliver what you need. Find out more about us here.
Picture of Rachael Barker

Rachael Barker

Senior Project Manager
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Picture of Claire Cheong-Leen

Claire Cheong-Leen

Associate Director
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Picture of Louise Farmer

Louise Farmer

Business Services Manager
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Picture of Mike Griffin

Michael Griffin

Operational Manager
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Picture of Nain Hussain

Nain Hussain

Senior Public Health Researcher
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Picture of Cathy Lines

Dr Cathy Lines

Principal Public Health Manager
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Picture of Clare Paterson

Clare Paterson

Head of Business Management and Finance
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Lisa Peto

Consultant in Public Health
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Picture of Gail Pittam

Dr Gail Pittam

Senior Public Health Researcher
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Picture of Veena de Souza

Dr Veena de Souza

Consultant in Public Health Medicine
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Picture of Jenny Thompson

Jenny Thompson

Head of Health Intelligence
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