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Economic Assessment, Evaluation & Modelling

Economic evaluations and pragmatic modelling to support your decision making

We can provide support with a range of economic and statistical modelling work, interrogating data to inform decisions and model potential policy options.

What we do

Some examples of our experience and activity in this area include:

Statistics and modelling within evidence reviews

Our health intelligence team undertakes scenario modelling as part of our evidence review programme. This includes presenting epidemiological data such as trends in prevalence for a disease and associated risk factors, analysis of current activity and cost data and modelling the potential cost and resource implications of changing or implementing new policies. Recent examples include:

  • A prevalence-based modelling exercise for the examination of different pathway scenarios of Tier-3 and Tier-4 weight management interventions.
  • A model that estimated future costs and numbers of live births for different numbers of cycles of IVF treatment and different age cut offs

Modelling the consequences of policy change

SPH supported the Department of Health and Social Care in the States of Guernsey by assessing the implications of adopting a policy of routinely funding all NICE Technology Appraisal Guidance. This included modelling the impact of funding an additional 160 Technology Appraisals for all patients eligible for state funded healthcare in Guernsey and Alderney.

Clinical audits

SPH has conducted audits for a range of procedures considered of low clinical value to establish the non-compliance rate for procedures and secondary care providers (NHS Trusts and non-NHS providers) and to uncover the key reasons underpinning any systematic non-compliancy.

Why choose SPH?

With our skills in health intelligence, economic evaluation, health policy and public health we can provide robust and pragmatic assessment, evaluation and modelling to support your decision making

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