National evidence reviews

SPH produces a number of high profile rapid evidence reviews for national clients every year assessing the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a wide range of treatments or potential interventions.

Rapid evidence reviews for NHS England

SPH has produced rapid evidence reviews for NHS England Specialised Services since 2012. These high-profile reviews consider the clinical and cost-effectiveness of treatments and interventions for a variety of conditions. The requirements of this contract include:

  • Supporting development of research questions through liaison with the commissioner and senior stakeholders
  • Supporting development of a PICOS table
  • Liaising with a healthcare information scientist in Libraries to design the literature search
  • Reviewing abstracts and selecting papers according to the agreed methodology
  • Producing the review to an agreed template
  • Internal quality assurance
  • Consultation on the review with clinical specialists
  • Producing a final report following consultation comments.


Commissioned evidence reviews

We also produce bespoke evidence reviews to assist customers address specific commissioning issues, for example:

  • Reviews to inform national policy on population screening for the UK National Screening Committee
  • Reviews to inform strategy design for preventing alcohol exposed pregnancies through understanding the predictors of alcohol consumption and the effectiveness of interventions for Blackpool Better Start
  • A review on the development and use of early warning indicators in qualitative information for the Care Quality Commission
  • A review on the contribution of community pharmacy in supporting/delivering lifestyle interventions and health protection/prevention for the Pharmacy and Public Health Forum
  • A review on the impact and cost-effectiveness of self-management programmes on chronic disease management for a Public Health team.