Picture of Jenny Thompson

Jenny Thompson

Jenny is a senior information professional and joined SPH in 2014 as the Head of Health Intelligence.  She has an excellent understanding of available data sources, experience of working with providers to create new data flows, and strong technical skills in extracting, manipulating and reporting on datasets of all sizes 

After working in manufacturing for a number of years, focussing on service improvement and supporting information and completing an MSc in Manufacturing Management, Jenny joined the Health Protection Agency (HPA). She has since led a number of information and data teams in NHS organisations including PCTs, SHAs and Shared Business Services. Prior to joining SPH, Jenny worked for Central Southern Commissioning Support Unit. 

 In these roles she has worked closely with colleagues from a range of disciplines including public health, commissioning, performance management, service improvement, quality and patient safety, and managed service reconfigurations and new system implementations.