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"Can I thank you for the fantastic, thorough and very informative work that you and the team at SPH have undertaken to produce this report and the associated database."
Cancer Programme Policy Lead and Deputy Head, Reducing Premature Mortality, NHSE
"This evaluation has helped us guide and shape the next phase of the Early Diagnosis and Prevention work in our borough"
Camden CCG
"Very pleased with the quality of the report we received. The subject matter we asked SPH to investigate was complex with a lot of data to collect and analyse. Yet the report was comprehensive and clear and I felt confident in sharing it with our stakeholders."
An Evaluation Customer
"Thank you to SPH staff for providing such a succinct and informative summary of the outcomes from their recent evaluation."
Commissioning Manager, Brighton and Hove CCG
"The interpretations within this review are very balanced and based on a meticulous analysis of the evidence base. The comments
in relation to the transferability of the current evidence base to the local situation are particularly impressive."
A CCG customer in northern England
"Wanted to thank you and the whole SPH team for the support and leadership on key elements of the [client] programme."
Project Manager, Arden & GEM Commissioning Support Unit
"Thank you so much for all of your hard work and support in developing these really helpful and informative reports in relation to the second phase of this evaluation. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to communicating the outputs to our colleagues across the country."
Maternity Safety & Prevention Manager, NHS England
"The communication with the Project Team and Lead over the duration of the project was excellent; all timelines were adhered to and communication was very clear and precise. The quality of the completed work was of a high professional standard."
Public Health Practitioner (Advanced), Buckinghamshire Council